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                                                The Month Of March 2014
                                  Franz S. 7, Scott S. 9, Ken G. 12, George F. 15


Keystone Kangaroos Winter Cabin Fever Get Together

Scott & Sara Reporting

On February 22, 2014, a stalwart  bunch of dedicated folks set out to “banish the winter blahs and bust through the previous blizzards” by gathering for a mid-winter luncheon at the Brickerville House Restaurant and Shoppes.  Nine Keystone Kangaroo coaches were represented but a tenth coach, committed to attend our festivities… mysteriously never appeared.  Our table set for 18 +, shared the delightful Garden Room with two other groups, one of approximately 25 and the other of about 14 people.

Oddly enough, one of our number, Edie Kreider was celebrating her 80th birthday, and a member of the larger of the other groups was celebrating her 90th birthday.  So with a minimum of skullduggery we got the whole room full to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Birthday girls.  While we may not have matched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, we got the job done and done right!  I think that’s one birthday neither one will forget very soon.  Surprisingly enough the restaurant staff didn’t throw us out for all the noise.   But still that tenth coach…had not appeared.

At the respectable hour of about 2:30, having decided that we’d raised enough havoc and poked enough raucous humor at those of our membership who had high –tailed for the warmth of winter in the sunny south, we departed Brickerville.  Most were headed homeward and some went to shop for chocolates at Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz.